A center of educational excellence offering the best of Aligarh.

Ideal location, green campus and world-class infrastructure

Education is one of the most essential and prominent constituents in shaping the future of society. We at SRSIS, fully appreciate the impact and importance of attending a world-class pre-school and primary school, in imparting a world-class education, and fulfilling the need for overall learning and development beyond academics.
We strongly believe that the sincere and dedicated efforts of our expert educationalists will redefine the pedagogy of Aligarh and its surrounding regions. We will strive to provide opportunities to develop optimal physical, emotional, mental, linguistic and social attitudes and social and personal qualities such as morality, self-discipline and self-dependency.
The outside world is changing rapidly. Developments in the field of information and communication has brought the world closer and has contributed to globalisation. Our campus is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology in the form of smart classrooms and best-of-breed learning methodologies. Our highly need based curriculum and globally benchmarked content will equip our students to excel in the face of emerging challenges and a constantly evolving world. One of the core advantages of our institution is the internationally acclaimed techniques we leverage to identify and formulate a truly customised curriculum, which gives SRSIS a clear edge over other institutions.
Our objective is to help every child achieve his or her full potential and to equip them to live fulfilling lives and succeed in their every endeavour.

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