Happy confident children become balanced responsible achievers.

SRSIS Education Methodology, Global Outlook, Faculty and more

We at SRSIS believe in inclusive education where a child no matter how different from the norms and expectations never feels alienated or inadequate. We believe every child must be self-assured of his or her own capabilities and should be respected for being themselves, and thereby feel safe and secure at all times.
Additionally, we pledge to give each child individual attention, latest facilities and introduce them to globally benchmarked best practices. Every child from SRSIS will pass out as an empathetic, accomplished and aware global citizen, ready to take responsibility and make this world a better place. Our highly qualified teachers will also develop their own unique content and teach by leveraging the best available technology. Transfer of information between a teacher and student should be through various mediums like smart classrooms, interactive boards, 3D graphics and visualization and more. This helps a child in understanding the concepts and learning them for life.
SRSIS starts from Nursery and goes all the way up till 12th standard. Initially in our inception year we will start from Nursery till 5th standard and will keep on expanding every year. Our Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliation is being actively pursued, and we will also be offering international boards like International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). We are a truly international school that will match the standards of top world-class schools in Aligarh.

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