The future of the child, community and country, is decided in a classroom.

SRSIS Philosophy, Values and Thinking

A nation’s ability to progress depends upon its citizens’ edification. Without continuing to open one’s mind and allowing oneself to be taught, a person becomes stagnant, ignorant and frozen in time. Education around the world remains the most potent weapon of development. A good education reflects in one’s personality, attitude, aims and farsightedness. Education is the backbone of any society, religion or nation.
Holistic education is a crucial enabler in the modern world, giving children skills that are essential in advanced life. The aim of value education at all the three primary levels is to prepare young minds to become enlightened, disciplined, self-radiant, productive and active members of society.
Our goal is to challenge students and watch them grow to their full potential. Our objective for students is to allow them freedom to explore, to express and be creative. We understand teaching young minds is a task that cannot be taken lightly.
As children are born illiterate, innumerate and unaware of the norms and the cultural customs of the community or society into which they have been born, it becomes the onus of close family members and dedicated teachers to educate them and teach them the mores of society. It is education that allows them to define and to pursue their own goals and to participate in the life of their community as full-fledged responsible global citizens.

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