Here faculty and parents are co-teachers.

Parent Teacher School three-way partnership

The three-way handshake or the parent-teacher relationship model at SRSIS, is based on global research that states that the most vital variable that influences a child’s education at school is the degree of engagement of the parents with the child’s learning. Creating this all-important and foundational parent-teacher relationship is a key goal at SRSIS.
Important pillars that frame the parent-teacher relationship at SRSIS 
• Prepare your child for school every day. 
• Encourage your child to share class experiences. 
• Encourage your child to express themselves.
• Get involved with the school by participating in PTA. 
• Check your ward’s diary daily.  
• Get to know your child’s teachers, administrators and staff.
• Share your child’s character, strengths, interests, needs, and areas of concern with the teachers, to help teachers build a strong relationship with your ward.
• Establish a regular means of parent-teacher communication by phone, email, WhatsApp or in person, in order to solve any problems related to the ward.
• Let your child develop his own relationship with the teacher.
At SRSIS we believe both parents and teachers have a significant role to play. Their unique roles do not replace but rather complement and strengthen the other’s role, ultimately accruing massive benefits for the students. 

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